Reign of the Table

With a large part of the populus at war with various long-standing and once-believed-sensible institutions — government, the economy, even society itself — it comes as no surprise that our timeless scorn of bureaucracy hasn’t let up either. In fact, you could make a good case for this shared hatred to have the potential to bridge the political divide that has been growing in many Western countries. Finally, something on which we can all agree.

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Mixed Metaphors

Sometime last year, I watched a TED talk about metaphorical language and came across the following comment by a user called robotpanda77:

Interesting presentation, but the fact that the average person speaks six metaphors a minute, no way.

The reason I still remember discovering this misguided skeptic’s comment is that it made me feel very clever. Why? Because they didn’t manage to write a single sentence without using a metaphor themself.

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Blissfully Mediocre

Let’s see. Should I start this off with a quote? Something literary perhaps. Nah, that way they’ll think I just want to impress people. How about that line from David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water” speech that I liked so much? Tends to appeal to the angsty target group I’m after…

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