The Philosopher’s Plight

On Term Papers and Intellectual Integrity

I have a confession to make: I’m a terrible philosopher. Putting aside the minor fact that prior to this semester break I hadn’t completed a single non-introductory philosophy module over two years of study, my recent classes have cast further doubt on whether I’m even cut out for the craft of philosophy — you know, critiquing an argument and all that jazz. It’s fair to say that I’m the type of person who is easily intrigued by thought experiments, paradoxes, and profound questions about the nature of humanity and everything that surrounds it (if there is such a thing). But the reality of the philosopher’s craft, which my minor has to some degree introduced me to, might prove my academic Achilles heel. (Not that being a slow reader is any drawback at all…)

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Que Pena

Here we are: another university term of feigned confidence is drawing to a close. I’m officially done with exams, and semester break is holding me in its warm embrace. You know what that means: time to celebrate my freedomĀ from the clutches of education by giving an unsolicited account of my intellectual progress!

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Some Kind of a Splash

Do you keep a secret record of what your parallel-universe self might be up to? I mean, there’s so many things you’ve unknowingly had to give up to be where you are right now, so many paths left untrodden — you would be deluded to think your inner compass was so well-calibrated, so perfectly attuned to harnessing your individual human potential, that you can comfortably claim to be the ideal version of yourself.

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