Me, Myself, and My Blog

What, you may ask, in the long line of straight white dudes whose tedious biographies Western civilization has imposed on our cultural memory, has this anthropomorphic seagull got to offer? For now I’d like to say: nothing at all in particular. (Except for long-winded sentences.)

Hi, I’m Philipp. This is my blog, a growing collection of convoluted personal essays ranging from philosophical excursions to anxiety-fuelled manifestos. I’ve also posted some short fiction for you bibliophiles out there to sneer at.

In case you care for personal details, here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’m willing to offer the Internet: I’m a native German, I’m an undergraduate English major and Philosophy minor at Heidelberg University, and I like to bitch about capitalism.

Like many twenty-somethings these days, I have found a comfortable little lair in the undergrowth of the YouTube community, which is why a good portion of my writing is inspired by the voices I’ve encountered there.

Brevity really isn’t my strong suit, so I should probably cut myself off here. If you like what I post, I’d be very happy if you considered clicking the Follow button; that way you’ll get an email notification about new posts. I have a Tumblr as well, if that’s what you’re into. And lastly, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me! I’d love to get a conversation going — no strings attached.

Have a good day, fellow Internet dweller.


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